Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baby Shower!

When I found out that I was going to my aunt Libby's baby shower.I flipped out with excitement, just like a monkey.
On Sunday we went to Sylvia Park to get, new gifts for my, cousin that are going to be born.We went to T and T and the baby factory, to get some cute baby things.
We brought a pushchair and baby toys came with it for FREE!It was a bargain.I got a baby bath that, was purple with yellow dots in it. My brother brought a big bed for them, and it was blue with pink beautiful fairy's. Plus we also got a bug net to keep the bugs away from them.What would you get for a baby shower?

After we went shopping we went to my aunty's house, for the baby shower.There were a lot of people there with baby things, the clothes they brought was so lovely,and good looking. All of my cousin eat all of the chocolate on the table, but they had a lot of fun. My big sister put on a lot of fun games for us.The sports were diving for apples, swimming races ,paint my face, and a ran way for dogs.
My sister
asked all of her friends if she was free on Sunday and they said yes.She said if they can help out , could they bring there dogs.
When the games were finished, all the kids had to get inside to open the presents we all brought..The first gift she opened was, from my other aunt.It was a set of drawers.At the end my aunt Libby started to cry.Tears of joy.
After the baby shower treats were opened my aunty's water broke inside her tummy. The ambulance came they took her to the hospital. Now the babies are out they are breathtaking.
If you have not been to a baby shower it is a lot of fun. When a person in your family have a baby shower go to it.It will be lot of fun.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Guess The Compound Word

Today we have just finished our paper Mache . Can you guess what this is? Here are some clues to help you think:
Clue 1.There is a yummy jelly tip cake on the top of the cake!
Clue 2.There is a delicious banana cake in the middle!
Clue 3.There is rich yummy chocolate cake at the bottom of the cake!
Clue 4.There is a nice green saucer!
Clue 5.There is a banana whip cream on the jelly tip!
Clue 6.There are two brown yummy flakes on the whip cream!
Clue 7.There is red ripped cherry on the very top!
Have you guess? If you have, go on to my blog and write a comment.

Selina's umu

In a umu, there are different kinds of foods that go in to the pit. Vegetables like kumara, potatoes and taro are cut up in to chunks, and wrapped up in to coconut leaves.