Thursday, November 22, 2012

Woman Found dead in Central Auckland.

A woman has been found dead after falling down seven stories from a car park building in central Auckland. Police say that staff from the building found with critically injured on the foot path not long before 9am this morning. 22/11/2012!

She was taking to hospital straight away but died not long after. Police believe she fell from the top of Wilson car park Building on Kitchener St, close to the Auckland Art Gallery.

The roads were blocked off while police interview witnesses and photograph the scene. But was shortly open not long after. This death was not treated as a suspicious. Police were continuing to locate and notify next of a kind.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

, Vision Board Review..

; vision board review :L

Looking back towards my vision board, just to see if i have achieved any of my goals ? Well my vision board was pretty
big but, I knew in someway I could accomplish these goals.

Rugby skills . Well I have accomplish this goal, because I put more into this, just so I could achieve it. I have to pushed myself towards my rugby skills, so that we would be
able to, win our rugby games. It was hard for me to training
myself to become come who I am today, because I had to
faith and strength in this , which I didn’t know I had. It was a
pretty powerful moment for me to experience.

Fitness. I haven’t really achieve this goal of mine, because
I have not been training and running lately. I have been
more focused, on rugby training and but at least I still get out there to swim and run around the basin. My goal for fitness was to
become slimmer in my upper body and lower thighs.
But rugby season is almost over and now I will have time to
to train and run to accomplish my goal.

The words to describe me and my journey would have to be;
I had an amazing adventure, trying to achieve my goals,
because while trying to complete them I learnt many
lessons, that I will use to live life. My goals will soon be completed ....


Splish Splash was the sound of my shoes as I made my way down the track , covered in thick boggy goo. It was a hot sunny Friday day ,  Pt England School were having their annual event , School Cross Country. Many people believed it was going to be a COLD and UGLY Friday , but instead it was a NICE HOT day.

As I made my way around the corner of our school field , I entered a swampy pile of mud. ‘ YUCKY ’ I said surprised by the goo running down my shoe. When will this nightmare ever end. My friend Tule said , ‘it’s just the beginning -.- . What a nightmare .? The heavy gooey mud caused my legs to drag along the grass.

Trying to make my way through the bush walk,  the mud caused me to slip and I landed on my bum splat,’I just sat there laughing like there was no tomorrow , but as soon as I stood up it looked like I had had
an accident in my pants. I didn’t really care because I knew
it wasn’t real. So I kept up with my friend Tule. We still couldn’t stop laughing about it’ but we got through it.

SLIP SIDE , SLIP SIDE . Was my motto for the day, because thats all I did while , trying to make my way down the track. I ran past everyone, trying to make it down to the finish line. Once again I slipped, but this time I fell like a big pile of floppy jelly. Well my legs were like that. I just wanted to lay there and sleep, but I could see the finish line. So I got up and ended up running my fastest the rest of the way.
That wasn't the finish line, so I made my last track around the field, with all my might, run pass a group of year 7 boys, and girls I stopped just to get the best side of my face for the photo. As well I stop to take at least a breath or two. I stood there for about 5 seconds waiting for my friend TULE, there was me yelling out


The finish line looked a pretty long way to go, so I jogged over the bottom  field, over the playground. I grab Tule’s hand and ran over the finish line with her, coming 4th and 5th.I could barely
breath because my throat was parched. I drop down to the ground like I was dead. I let out a huge sigh of relief.

‘Thank-you , Jesus for getting through that track,’ I said as I stood up.
I had the biggest drink I could have in all of my life -.- That was a good run for me to get ready for College. But I am grateful I was rated in the top 8, and making my
way to interzones. My goal was that my mission was to finish the track without stop, only once and once only. One day that goal will come true sometime in my life, if i keep training, to accomplished my mission. If I had the chance to do it again I would at least try one more time.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Life Education !

! Life Education Caravan !

For the past 3 weeks , room 22 have been attending the Life Education Caravan. We learnt that different kinds of choices lead to many kinds of consequences. Plenty of wrong choices can also lead to death or cancer. I also learnt that the heart is part of the circulatory system, the heart circulars air and blood all over you’er body. Unfortunately our session with the Life Education is over. But we enjoyed our time there, we also learnt to make right choices, if we want to live life long.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


“BASKETBALL”  On Thursday the 28th of July , Room 20 and 22 got the opportunity to learn some skills. We had professional come in to our lovely school to teach us some techniques.

We were taught skills like , dribbling, jump stop and many different kinds of passing. Like for example we learnt the , overhead, chest and bounce pass. Have you ever heard of a fake pass ? Well I even learnt how to do one of those , well three of them I should say. I got to say Basketball is smiler to Netball, but better.

Well I got to say our basketball session was ! AWESOME ! I really enjoyed myself and I think I'm planning to try out for our school Basketball team.

P.S : It is always good to try something new. Its never about if its for boys or girls. If you believe, you can do anything. ! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE !

Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Flag

I wonder who the creator of the Olympic flag was? Well Pierre De Coubertin was the original  person to discover the design of the Olympic Rings. It comes in six different colours , blue, black and red for the top 3, yellow and green for the bottom 2 and they appear on a white base layer. While some people believe that he had chosen these main colours, to represent 5 different continents, on the other hand others appear to believe that these colours come together to represent all nations race. I have read that the colours represent all the athlete that compete around the world in the olympic games

Friday, June 1, 2012

Character Description !

The past few days Room 22 at Pt.England School have been studding on how to write a character description. It has been very difficult for some of us, but we were able to write at least one paragraph. But first we had to practise writing a character description on some one special at school, and I picked my amazing teacher Mrs Nua. I wrote a paragraph about her appearance. ( what they look like ). Here is my paragraph about my awesome teacher Mrs Nua.
: Silky short blond hair, up and go attitude amazingly tall. The best thing to describe my beautiful teacher are her big blue eyes when they sparkle in the sunshine.


Thursday, May 10, 2012


For the last past few weeks, we have been learning a new technique in painting, from a famous man called, Vincent Vah Gogh. Vincent Van Gogh was a dutch painter. He was one of the most famous painters in all of history. His technique was about stroking and blending the colours to make it look real. It was pretty amazing how this work is done! But at first when i tired to use this technique it didn't really work out but my finished project was just AMAZING it blew me away! I really like how he makes the colours blend in with each other. Well this is my finished produce I have tried to blend the colours on my sun flower! You should try it for your self, it really got me more into art.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Daniella Hulme.

Daniella Hulme is one of the most famous dutch artist! She was born on the 7th October 1979. When is paints she reflects on two cultures, her own Dutch  heritage and her  husband's Samoan heritage. She uses strong bright colours, and pacific island tapa cloths plus carving. In her paintings there are many creative patterns, and she also knows how to  highlight and shade different places in her paintings.
Since some of us were inspired by her art work, we got to use one of her amazing paintings to see what technique, she uses. We got the pleasure to paint her famous painting called the fruit bowl. For this painting we got to learn how to highlighted and shaded our paintings. It was very interesting how she did it, we got to use it on our grapes we had sketched. Her technique were a bit difficult but it our paintings came out amazingly great. I really enjoyed sketching and painting with her technique. Well I reckon you should try it sometime soon, its really fun and your finished project will come out so AMAZING. Just like mine(:

What is LANDSCAPE. ?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Vincent Van Gogh.

Vincent Van Gogh was a dutch painter. He was one of the most famous painters in all of history. He painted over 900 paintings, but unfortunately he only sold one painting in his lifetime. Which was the Red Vineyard. Not soon after he took his last breath and passed on, which was then when his sister in law took his paintings and tried selling them. That was when he became a world famous artist.

He was born on March 30th 1853 as was raised up in Groot-Zundert near Breda Nederland. At 16 years of age Vincent went to hogue to worked for his uncle, the art dealer. As he passed on Vincent's brother Theo carried on his uncle's job, then became Vincent Van Gogh next art dealer. In 1878 way before Vincent Van Gogh became an painter he was preacher just likes his father in Southern  western Belgium.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Camp Highlight !

As camp was dawning to an end, I began to think, what is my favourite part of camp ? I wonder if it will be, Kayaking , Jump Jam or Old School games?' Hmm it's got to be Old school games , with Mr Harris one of our Team 6 teachers.

Some of the games we played were pretty weird, but a lot of fun. Like for one, we had to play with an egg. I totally forgot what the game was called. But that got to be the best game at camp, thanks to Mr Harris. I really enjoyed all the games we played with him.

How to pitch up a Tent !


- Tent
- Tent fly
- Tent pegs
- Mallet
- Tent poles
- Guy ropes

1.First we had to open the tent bag to get all the Equipment out.

2.Then you have to flatten the tent on the ground.

3. As soon as it's on the ground, get the Poles and stick them though the pole parts in the Inner Tent.

4. Then we clipped on the clipper’s to attache it to the fibreglass pole. But remember to tie the tie at the top of the tent, in case the wind blows your tent away.

5.Then when your all done you will need to get the tent fly and chuck it over the tent so that we don’t get wet or it doesn't fly away.

6. Our Next step is to, pitch all the guy ropes down in to the ground, with tent pen's.

7.Now you can sit inside the tent and relax inside.

Monday, February 20, 2012


It is a beautiful hot summer day to play a game of Netball. The only problem being is that, I don’t like playing Netball. Well once upon a time I did!
Every Thursday from now on we, will be learning Netball skills. But its not just with an normal teacher, it is a professional Netball coach which was a nice lady called Liz. We had to learn about Netball to acquire and hone our skills.
Our first activity was to practised a variety of passes, like chest pass and bounce pass. The only difficult thing was a chest pass, because I’m don’t normally play netball. So it was pretty difficult for me. Bounce pass was very easy, all I had to do was bounce the ball close to the feet, after I did it once I thought I was the man, then I took a look around me and saw everyone doing it. I thought to myself ‘ I’m still the man in my own word !’
Our next activity was to practised pirating to the outside activity, which was called statue of liberty. It was pretty fun learning how to take the ball off other people, then like stepping them. This is a very good skill that you can use in Netball. After a little while I got kind of BORED. So I started to get annoyed !
The last activity we had was landing. We had to jump over hurdles and catch the ball , then land how we would land in a real Netball game. ‘ Now this is difficult ‘ , I thought to myself. When it was my turn , I went to run and almost tipped over. It was kind of embarrassing but at least I didn’t hit the ground. I took my turn again , and I landed in a perfect way. I was so glad I did it properly !
Finally , a game ! But I was to sour to play, but i still tried. In my team I had only 4 players , including me. But I was the only girl which was gay. We had a game with another team of 4. It was kind of a difficult game, but my team was the bomb, we won over all. But at the end I had a AWESOME time.
That was a good time of my life. I can’t wait for next time, when we have Liz again. I am going to try out for our school Netball team to. I LIKE NETBALL !

Thursday, February 16, 2012


This week for Maths we have been learning all about Statistic! I have been gathering data about, what is room 22 favourite Basketball team. Well as you can see, most of room 22 likes the Lakers basketball team. Close behind is Chicago Bulls. This has been a very interesting and fun way, to show everyone the information we have collected. Hopefully I will be able to post another post about Statistics, if your really interested in this. Because I know I am.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Respect !

This is what I think RESPECT looks like. If you see rubbish on the ground pick it up, because that just respect the place you are around! It just like if you Mother tells you to go and make your bed, you should go and do it straight away. Because that is what RESPECT is all about ! You don't just use RESPECT at school , you use it everywhere you go! Always should use your manners to everyone, like if you bump in to at the mall, you should say sorry i didn't mean to do that. Well thank you for reading, what I think about RESPECT and remember to keep it in mind.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Reunited with my Net_book.

OH MY LIFE, I am so glad to be reunited back with my Net_Book. Its like I have been departed from my husband. This might sound weird, but it is like my husband is my electronic device ! I am so happy, to be back at school, and be learn on here. Plus this is a very great way to connect with my teacher at home, like if I have any questions I can just email her! My learning is very easier on here. It better to type and read things. I LOVE having my Net_Book back.

All about ME !

1; My favourite colour is gonna have to be, Purple, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue and Black. I like these colours because they match each other!

2; My favourite sport would have to be, The famous game of RUGBY and Volleyball. I LOVE playing these games at school, just because these are the only sports I'm good at.

3; What I think of my NEW Class? I think my class is very AMAZING class with, AWESOME people. Especially my teacher, Mrs Nua !

4; My favourite food is Hangi and Umu, ISLAND STYLE and MAORI as well .