Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My mihi,r:7,s:0&tx=59&ty=33
Kia ora
Ko Selina taku ingoa.
Ko Lavaka toku ingoa whanau
E 11
Ko Paul toku matua
Ko Siaufaga toku whaea
Ko Fetuoa raua ko saluga oku koro
Ko Moana raua ko Ana oku kuia
Ko Point England toku kura
Ko Mr Barks toku kaiako
Ko Mr Burt te tumuaki
Ko Tuhoe toku iwi
No Auckland ahau
Kei Glen Innes toku kainga noho
He parore oku whatu
He mango toku makawe
Ko puppy/Black magic toku mokai
Ko Anahera toku hoa
No Christ Church ia
He kotiro ia

Friday, March 4, 2011

Tech at Tamaki college...
Yes the time has come,to get excited about our first day at tech,which was held at Tamaki College.Our first day was supposed to be fun and it definitely was.I was in Science with Mr Duan.

As soon as we walked into the class, I could smell Science going on in the room. I was so happy that I was in this group. But I would love to be in cooking, but that is OK. In our class we have been learning about HEALTHY LIFE CYCLE. We tested food. If your are would like to know what filed we tested. We had food like Beard,Cheese,egg,milk,weetbixs and I don't know the rest.

Then Mr Duan was teaching us about living stuff.After a while our class got the hang of it as well. But then my cousin went pass and she was calling my name I try not to look. Then I did. But then the bell rang and we had to go out side and waiting for our teachers. So when the teacher came we had to go back to school.

I just can't wait for next Monday when we go back to tech. If I had one wish that wish would to do food testing again.