Friday, March 23, 2012

Camp Highlight !

As camp was dawning to an end, I began to think, what is my favourite part of camp ? I wonder if it will be, Kayaking , Jump Jam or Old School games?' Hmm it's got to be Old school games , with Mr Harris one of our Team 6 teachers.

Some of the games we played were pretty weird, but a lot of fun. Like for one, we had to play with an egg. I totally forgot what the game was called. But that got to be the best game at camp, thanks to Mr Harris. I really enjoyed all the games we played with him.

How to pitch up a Tent !


- Tent
- Tent fly
- Tent pegs
- Mallet
- Tent poles
- Guy ropes

1.First we had to open the tent bag to get all the Equipment out.

2.Then you have to flatten the tent on the ground.

3. As soon as it's on the ground, get the Poles and stick them though the pole parts in the Inner Tent.

4. Then we clipped on the clipper’s to attache it to the fibreglass pole. But remember to tie the tie at the top of the tent, in case the wind blows your tent away.

5.Then when your all done you will need to get the tent fly and chuck it over the tent so that we don’t get wet or it doesn't fly away.

6. Our Next step is to, pitch all the guy ropes down in to the ground, with tent pen's.

7.Now you can sit inside the tent and relax inside.