Monday, December 12, 2011


Here is my presentation I have personally made. It is about our Sol oar System, but a certain part of it!! Well it is about the AMAZING sun.. Sit back and relax and hope you enjoy my presentation.

Net-Book Reflections..

This year I have really LOVE having a Net book to work on because, it is really easy to get up and take my learning anywhere! I have enjoyed learning on my electronic device because, it is much easier for me to work on. The only thing I have trouble on my Lap-top is to stay on task, because I could go exploring on one site and then another. But I manage to stay on task, that is a MIRACLE to me!! (:

There are many reasons why Net-books are good for kids our age, because we can find out more things online, then in books. We have much more fun on our Net-books then in doing our learning in books. There are many reason way these electronic devices can help us learn more! The most imported thing to me is at least we have fun learning, then it being BORING.

As much as I have loved having a Net-book there are some things that I haven’t liked.... Like having to wait for my Internet connection, it just wasting my learning time. Another Internet problem, sometimes your connection can run slow. It can be really a pain!! But the hardest thing for me is to have my Net-Book in the shop to get repaired, because its like my Lap-top is part of my heart! I feel like I’m gonna die with out it.

If the Net-book Scheme failed..... Then it would change my life and future!! We would have to go back to paper and pen, how GAY. School would be back to normal and will not be fun... I just have one wish to make, and it is that this Net-book Scheme will succeed and going on till, the end of time.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Interesting Facts About Our Solar System.

1) Jupiter is the largest plant in the solar system.
2) Saturn has the most rings around it.
3) Mercury is has the fastest revolution around the sun.
4) Mars has the deepest valleys in the solar system.
5) Mercury is the hottest body because, it is the closers to the sun.
6) Earth is mostly covered by water then all of the other planets
7) Venues is closest to Earth and some people call it Earths sisters.
8) Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system.
9) The sun is the hottest.
10) Mars has one more moon then Earth, we only have one moon.
11) The sun provides light for Earth.
12) Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system.
13) Earth is the best place for humans to live.
14) Jupiter has had the longest storm that has lasted for 300 years.
15) Neptune is the most distant planet from the sun.
16) Saturn is the planet that is tilted.

My AMAZING Holiday!!

My holiday was so AMAZING! I really enjoyed it, most times I hate my holidays not this time. If you were with me these holidays, I would make your day INCREDIBLE! My friend's just had a awesome time with me.

My favourite part of my holiday would have to be going to the G.I Parade. I just loved it. I had a lot of fun, enjoyed being with my friends and family. I saw many people in my family, that I have not seen in a long time, because most of my family came down from Optiki. Optiki is my home town.

Soon after I finished talking to my family, I went back to work. If your wondering what is my job it was selling toffee apples. It was so fun, most people didn’t buy any, so I asked my family to. Like my auntie Te-Oa and auntie Miri, Cousin Kokiri, vaia, and my other auntie. As soon as they finished buying some all the toffee apples were all gone. So I had to refill my box.

After we finished selling toffee apples, we went to go watch my cousin perform a cook island dance. It was EXCITED about there hula. It was a huge crowd, so my cousin was absolutely scared. She said to me “ I feel like I'm going to die.” I said “ you’ll be okay.” They walked on to the stage. then all you can hear was a bet. Boom Boom Boom. It sounded so AMAZING. Then the girls started doing there hula. As soon as they finished, there dance, well all left.

If you were there you would of had a INCREDIBLE time, because I know I really did. But I wish I could go back to that same day! I just loved it there, it was so so COOL.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Term 3 Work..
This is some of my work that I have worked. IT is only some because most of my work was deleted. Hope you enjoy my movie. It has some interesting facts to.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Interesting Facts About SAMOA.

This is my Presentation about Samoa! It has some interesting facts. Please watch and find of more facts about the beautiful island of Samoa. Anyways "Go Samoa"!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Typing Tutor

I have work amazingly hard and smarter at Typing Tutor. This time I have enjoyed my self, i just LOVE typing now anyways. I am sure I can earn more Certificate's for my blog..

The story behind the Samoan Flag.

The red base represents courage. The blue stands for freedom and the white represents purity. The five stars symbolize the constellation the Southern Cross, representing the stars Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon, which is smaller because it doesn't shine as brightly as the other stars in the constellation.

X Factor!!!

Do you LOVE the X FACTOR? I know I do. I could not wait till it came on. Because as soon as I saw the adds saying X factor going to be on. I jumped up and down screaming “YA”.

Just watching most people with talent, makes me cry because of there beautiful melody's. Some people voices I just can not desirable!! They are just Magnificent singers. Well I think this years X factor is way better then last years X factor. But if you disagree with well your still wrong.

This year my favourite singers were. Chris Rene, Melanie Amaro and Marcus Canty. They are my favourite because they just doing it just for the money , they are doing it because they have family's to feed and support. There voices hook me in like a piece of writing, it just amazing. Who is your favourite singer or singers, in the X FACTOR??

I just the X Factor, well don’t you. It is an magnificent way to share your talent. All you need is confident and just share what you can do.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Learning A Rap.

One day we didn’t have our normal teacher we had a reliever. Our relieve was a teacher called Mr Umu. We have had him before, so when he came in all the boys in my class yelled like a group of Cows.
That day Mr Umu told us a rap, it sounded so cool. So when he finished singing it he said that he would teach us it. It was kind of hard to learn but very fun. We learnt it all, but it was suppose to take us 3 minutes. But nope it took us about 30 minters to do because, we all were just laughing.
Well here is the rap!
Pack it up-Pack it in, let me begin.
Much respect to my peeps from Point England,
G.I skater’s, current status
Collaboration with my younger generators ah!
We in the cypher crowds twice the siza,
New MC’s spitting honey like killer beez,
Brothers please spare a prayer for the families,
Hurricane to the crusaders down in Canterbury.

Pagi to the popo, the popo to the pagi
Fia ae lo’u manava, I think I’m lē masagi
Lava loa lea fia ae so se mea mmmm
I like the smell of papaque over there,
Keke to the Pua’a, Pua’a to the keke
Thank you very much Point England Tu meke,
Tulou lava we must respect one another
My father my mother my sister and my brother.

I thought this was a cool rap, because this is the first rap I have ever sang. I had a lot of fun that day, and my class hopes he can teach us a other rap.

Story Behind The U.S.A Flag.

The 13 stripes represent the 13 original colonies of the US: Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina and Virginia. The 50 stars represent the individual states that make up the nation.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tangled Punctuation..

Here is the story Tangled!! All I have done to it is added punctuation.
This is the story of how I died, don’t worry this is actually a very fun story, and the truth is it isn’t even mine, this is a story of a girl named Rapunzel. And it starts with the sun, now once upon a time a single drop of sunlight fell from the heavens, and from that small drop of sun, grew a magic golden flower. It had the ability to heal the sick and injured, oh you see that old women over there, you might wanna remember her she’s kinda important. Well centuries past, and a hop skip and a boat ride away, there grew a kingdom. The kingdom was ruled by a beloved king and queen, and the queen well she was about to have a baby. And she got sick, really sick she was running out of time, and that’s when people usually start to look for a miracle. Or in this case, a magic golden flower.
Nah I told you she’d be important, ya see instead sharing the suns gift, this women, mother gothile horted it’s healing power, and used it to keep herself young for 100’s for years, and all she had to do is sing a “special song.” Flower gleam and glow, let your power shine make the clock reverse, bring back what once was mine.
Alright you get the gist she sing to it she gets young creepy, right?
“We found it”
The magic of the golden flower, healed the Queen. A healthy baby girl, A princess was born with beautiful golden hair. (baby happy sound) (happy proud adoring chuckle) I’ll give you a hint, that’s Rapunzel to celebrate her birth the King and Queen launched, flying lantern in to the sky.
And for that one moment everything was perfect. And then that moment ended.
“Flower gleam and glow let your power shine make the clock re” the old lady gasps
(a crying baby) gothem broke into the castle and stole the child and just like that GONE! The kingdom searched and searched, but could not find the princess, for deep within the forest in a hidden tower gofile raised the child as her own.
Take what has been lost that once was mine, gothile has found her magic flower.
But this time she was determent to keep it hidden, “why can’t I go outside?”
The outside world is a dangerous place filled with horrible selfish people you must stay here, where your safe, do you understand flower.
“Yes mummy”
But the walls of that tower could not hide everything. Each year on her birthday, the King and Queen, released thousand of lantern into the sky. In hope that one day their lost princess, would return!!

Typing Tutor Slide Show.

This is a slide show of all my typing tutor certificate. I have done this so that I can show my learning. :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Typing Tutor 3

This week I have proudly, earned myself a certificate. I have worked hard and smarter towards this. I will do the same towards earning me another Typing Tutor certificate. If you thing this sounds like something you want to do just go to.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sick In Bed..

Do you hate being sick? I know I do. You may not know this ,but if you are sick or FAKING that you are. It could leave you in a very bad state, or you may even die because you are so sick.
Do you know why I hate being sick? Because when I am sick I get the worst pain, if is not funny! Sometimes I just sit there and cry, because it is just so painful. Only one’s I have missed school for about 4 days at the most, because I was in hospital with kidney stones. It was so scary for me and my family to go though.

Can you guess the only thing I had to eat was?? ICE BLOCKS!! I was thinking “ What they trying to do kill me it was in the middle of WINTER. It felt like I was going to freeze to death. I was so cold I had 4 or 5 blankets on me, but I was still COLD. When My Nana saw me eating the ICE BLOCK, she toke it off me and made me a cup of soup.
Sick is a really bad place to be. Even if it just the flu you still can get really sick. Please if you are are not really sick don’t fake it, it could be really bad. Look after yourself when you are sick. Thanks for reading hoped you enjoyed it.

I am still sick in bed with Kidney Stones.

Friday, September 9, 2011


Oh my gosh!! Rugby World Cup, I really can’t wait. I am so excited. Just wait until I watch it on television. Can you wait??
Well man I just can’t wait to see who Win's in all the matches. But of course the ALL BLACKS are going to win all the matches. I am just so exited!! Night at 8.15 they will win against TONGA. Maybe you don’t believe that the All BLACKSwill win, but I do. But if the All Blacks don’t win, I know that They tired there best.
TONGA. It is a very good to play against. I am Tongan, but I believe in both teams. I wonder who is going to play to tonight? I hope that they put all the good people on. Who is your favourite player? My favourite player is SONNY-BILL WILLIAMS. Plus he plays number 13 which is my favourite number, because that day is my birthday.

I just can’t wait till the game Begin's. Who’s going to win against TONGA & ALL BLACKS. Who do you thing going to win? GO ALL BLACKS..

Typing Tutor 2

This week I have been working, on trying to get a certificate. It has been really hard, but I have been trying to do my best. It toke me about 3 tries to get a certificate. But now I am a really good at trying, plus it a lot of fun. If you have time please do try this activities.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spanish Word Search.. Do Try

Here is a Word search I have created. But it is no Word Search you have ever seen, because it is a Spanish Word Find..
PLEASE do try and find as many words as you can and leave a comment.It may be a little small, but you can't see it, please send me an email at So I can Print you a propper copy for you. You can print this and use it for a class. But Good Luck and Do your best..

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The story behind the Argentina Flag

If you are wondering what the story behind the Argentina flag is well here it is
-The sun means sun of May
-The white represents the metal sliver
-The blue represents the Rio De La Plata which means in english, (river of silver) which is the widest river in the world.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Badminton! Oh My Life I love Badminton. Well now I do. I thought it was a game for old people, but now that I have got a hang on it. It is one of my favourite games. You may be thing that a gay game well it not.
It all started on the 11Th of August. My class Room 18 were going to have a game of Badminton. We didn’t know that we were going to have a professional come in and teach us. As soon as we found out that a pro badminton player was going to come in and teach us. I said in my head “ Oh no a professional this is going to be so BORING”. First we had to get the hang of holding a racket. It was really weird how we had to hold it. I can’t explain it. But we held it in a funny way!
She blew her whistle. Then she told us to get a shuttle and start hitting it was a rackets. At first I thought this will be easy, but then we I tired doing it, but it just so difficult. So I focused on my shuttle I hit it about 15 time with out stopping. I tyred my best I just could not do it. So I bid it again but this time I was running from one side of the hall to the other. It felt like I just finished running around the whole school 2 times. She blew her whistle again I was so happy she did. I was puffed out like a lion chasing an bird.

Then we got in to a group of 2’s.Cecilia was with me. Then I thought to my self “ I am having fun, But I can’t believe I am” Cecilia and I started hitting the shuttle forwards and back. We had a challenge who can keep hitting the shuttle with out letting it fall on the floor. We did try our best but we only hit it forwards and back 53 times. That was a challenge. A least we tired our best and didn’t give up straight away. It was a lot of fun. But I have ever experience a thing like this. I did struggling a bit. But I had an amazing time.

I wish I could do that again! Maybe I might you ever know. I just want to say that don’t judge the game by the name, because you ever know what it is like. Don’t be me and think things are going to be boring, because it is always good to try new things.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Typing Tutor

This week I have been working so hard on my Typing. I had never felt how hard it is. But I have complete a lot of difficult task. If you are looking for the website. Here it is.
If you are going to have a go. Good luck..

Monday, August 15, 2011

Ohh My Life Cross Country..

Cross Country. Do you like Cross Country because I don’t! I am so not looking forwards to it. I didn’t know that cross country was coming up until the day before it was going to happen.

Oh my life... No way Cross Country. I HATE cross country! Do you know why I hate it? Because I hate running I am not fit. NO, I thought to myself I can run home and run to school, I sure that is good enough I think! I so do not feel like RUNNING. I hope I make it to the end and not come last. I can just imagine me coming first for the first time in my life. I would be so happy! But that will never happen. I know it.

The next day, I woke up getting ready for cross country. I didn’t really want to go but I knew I had work to finish. So I went anyways. As soon as Mrs V said year 7 girls stand at the start line. My butterflies hit me with a big pong. I was so scared that I may come last. But I believed in myself, and gave it my all. “BANG” I started running with all my might. Then I got so tried I had to start jogging.

5 minters later! Running thought the brush walk was like running up a big hill with many different levels. All you could see me doing was going up down up down all over again. As soon as I got to Mr Jacobson I have only stopped about 3 times. I felt like I was going to faint so I started to power-walk. So I did that until I go to the school fetch. As soon as I stopped I started running with all the power I had ins me. Ya I have passed the finish line.

That felt like a nightmare! I really HATE Cross Country now. You should of seen me I dropped on the ground and said that is my fitness for the rest of the year! But I have a question for all the people reading. How was your Cross Country? Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

School! School! School!

This Term has been an awesome term even. But it has only been one week of school.
I wish this term NEVER ends! I just can’t wait to learn more things about other countries.

What I have liked so far was, learning what the real stories be hide most of the flags and learning more about place’s around Auckland. Have you ever heard of a place called Hot water beach? Well I have never heard of that place. Then people have been telling me about what they did there. It sounds like a DREAM. I bet it was. I wish I could go to Hot water beach.

I am really looking forwards to find out more different countries. I am very exited about what we will be learning, but the country that I really what to learn about is South Africa. South Africa sounds like an awesome place to see and help. Most of the countries have some amazing story's. I am really looking forwards to finding interesting facts about New Zealand and other places in the world.

I really hope that I find out more things about South Africa. But what I have learnt so far, has just amazed me. Next time you hear from me I will be writing about my Cross Country.

Typing Tutor

Friday, August 5, 2011

This Term!

This term I started school with a kick! I was so happy school started, because holidays were extremely boring. But spending time with my family was awesome...., I just loved it!!

My goals this term is to focus on my work and finish them off properly! Listen to my teacher and make the right choices, so that I can get higher in all my subject in school. To try hard and learn different things, that I have no idea about. What is really cool is making new friends and get ideas to that I can use in life.

I am looking forwards to finding interesting things about the other 20 country's that are coming to New Zealand, for the rugby world cup! GO ALL BLACKS! The country that I real want to learn more about is South Africa because I am very interested of what they have to say. I love rugby but don’t know much about it.

What I think is really interesting is, that there are story behind all the flags. Because you will never know what the story behind the flags are.
Here one. Search for the Namibia flag then read this. RED- represents Namibia’s most important resource, the people of Namibia.WHITE- refers to peace and hope. GREEN- symbolizes vegetation and agricultural resources. BLUE-represents the clear Namibian sky and the Atlantic Ocean, the country's precious water resources and rain! The yellow sun represents life and energy. Now was int that interesting, because I though it was so amazing! You will never know what the story behind the flags are about.

I hope that I learn more things about other country’s, because if I travel around the world I will all really know things about that country! So my knowledge that I learn will help me in later in my life. But I have a question for you what are you goals and what are you looking forwards to? Please comment and tell me about your self.Thank you for reading this!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Red Rose!!

Red Rose Red Rose
Which is a sweet scent to the nose
So soft and smooth
It makes my heart move
Red Rose Red Rose
Which makes a good pose
That I like to hold
Red Rose Red Rose
Which way the wind blows
As each day goes
Red Rose Red Rose
Which grows and grows
It's my favorite kind
That it smooths the mind
Red Rose Red Rose
That it helps move my soul

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just Believe

When you really want something have to swim a little deeper
You can't give up just because things
Don't come easy
Overcome obstacles
Face your fears
In the end
It's all worth while!
Life is full of
But if you believe in yourself
You will always come thought with
f y n c l u s !
l i g o o r ! !
Value Friendship
Love and
NEVER underestimate yourself.

Friday, June 10, 2011

An awesome 5th Birthday..

On Saturday all I could hear were the phones going off. Man I just felt like turning the phone off. But then my cousin Sharmin said Happy Birthday Patrica. Then I got up and run to Patrica and said happy 5th birthday.
My auntie was all ready up and it was only 6.45 in the morning. I asked my aunties “have you even been to sleep”. She said “yes I have i woke up at 6.00 to start making the kia. So I made the kids some breakfast. Eggs on toast. YUMMY! After Breakfast they went to go and watch some television.
I went to wash their dishes. After I did that I turned off the television so that they would clean the house up. So they did.“Sharmin can you clean the shed please” I asked her. “Lita clean up stairs toilet and Angela down stairs toilet”. “They boys can clean the TV room and I will do the washing.” So I got the washing from the bathroom and put it in the wash. I made my bed and the babies beds too. “I have done the bathroom what do I do now” asked Lita. “Your room of course.
After I did the washing I had to help my auntie per-pare the food.First I peeled the potatoes and washed them. Then I cut them and put the potatoes in a pot, then I put them on the oven. Can you guess what I was making? Well I was make potatoes salad. Yummy! The rest of the food was all ready made. So I went to do the BBQ. I cooked the mussels, meat patties and fry-ed onion. they only took half an hour to cook.
As soon all the food was on the table in the shed. I went up stairs to bath the birthday girl.I put her in the shower and she washed her self. So I went to see if the house was nice and clean! OMG it was cleaner in I thought it would be. Then I went looking for them and they were down stairs watching television. I went up to get that girl so she can get out of the shower. She was all ready out and half way get dressed. Then we went down stairs. Most of my family were all ready there. We were just waiting for the rest of them to come.
We had a good time. I took a lot of videos and photos of us eating and dancing. We had a awesome time. I would love to go back to that day and play it all over again.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nightmare come to life..

You would never guess what my NIGHTMARE was about!! I was in a huge shock, when I saw what happened to my big brother Jacob. If you were there you would of be scared to the bones.
On a beautiful Friday morning. My cousin Sharmin and I just woke up on my neighbors front lawn. I was wondering why we were there? Yes OMG, now I remember we were all sitting here singing songs and looking at the amazing star's. That was a cool night with the whanau. In the morning, I saw my koro and kuia, I woke up Sharmin and we run in side. If my Koro and Kuia catch us out side on a freezing cold morning, we would get in trouble. When we got in side we got charged so fast it felt like we were only in the house for like 5 minters. But we were in the house for like 15 minters. Then we started walking to my place. We started walking at first then 1,2,3 GO!!! We ran. As soon as we got to my drive way. My mum was just leaving. She was on her way out, to go shopping. I was like "ya I am coming". I jumped in the car and off we went. First we went out to have breakfast.
We went to my grandma's to have breakfast. My grandma just woke up. My Nana said we would be so excited. I was like excited about what?. Then there was a big funny laugh, I was like I know that laugh. I ran to the kitchen and there was my three cousin Lexy,Amanda and Alexess who were making our kia. Eggs,sausages and hot chips with pancakes so much kai to eat. As soon as we finished eating, we left to go shopping. My cousin and my grandma came along for a ride. We had to wait fro like 15 minters for them to get dress. “Finally” they are ready to go. Off we went.
First we went to the bank so that my cousin Amanda can get some money out. Then I thought we were going to pack n save, but then we turned in to Kmart. As soon as we stopped I ran to the doors and there was a dog just standing there. I didn’t want to go thought because it may bite me. Then a tall man came up to me and said don't worry she will not bite. So I ran in side! My mum was all ready in side. Do you think you know how she got in side before me? Well i don’t know. My Nana turned around and I ran passed her. I was running to the shoes and clothes section. My cousin were right be hide me, and then something caught my eye. I stopped as fast as I can, and looked at the shining shoes. “BANG”! All you could see was 5 girls just laying there on the ground. Amanda,Lexy,Alexess,Sharmin and I. I stood up and the shoes were gone! I really wanted them. But I didn’t see them no more,I said get up you eggs. So they did and we went looking for our Nan. They were all ready at the check out. They were very fast. But they bought a lot of things.
Then we left. We were on our way home, when my cousin said “can we going to the mad butcher’s to get some meat for the BBQ”. We were right next to a butcher. So we did. We had to get a lot of meat because we were having a family party. I ran in the butcher shop and got chicken and more chicken.Amanda got the rest. We had filled up 4 baskets full to the top. It all come up to $52.62cents. I didn’t really care because I am not paying for it. But I did have to carry it to the car. I was such a big bag. I felt like I was going to drop dead. As soon as I got to the car the car was locked and they were all at the shop. I didn’t want to go over with big bags. So I just put it on the ground and stood there. As soon as I looked back at the car. They were in there. I just wanted to throw a rock at them. I ran to the car and then I remembered the shopping! But my mum already had it. I jumped in the car. “Are we going home now mum” I said. “Yep”. Then all I could feel was a dry mouth. “Mum can you get me a pie”. And off she went. It toke her 3 minters 2 get me one, because it was hot and fresh. It was a barker pie. Potato top. So yummy. Then we were on our way home.
First we went to my Nans house to help put all the food together. Sharmin and I brought in the food. When I got in side! It was nice and clean. My mum pulled out some cool shinning shoes. My eyes were so big. These are yours there were 5 pares of shoes. My cousin and I all got a pare. They were so cool. Thanks Mum and Nan."Your welcome", we will be back we are going to pack n save”. Okay I ran and gave the others their shoes. We were all laughing. When we were peeling the potatoes, we were singing our Kapa Haka song. 5minters later.
Then my phone played a song called missing you 1st Lady. I have a text. It Jahvaun my cousin. I read the text out loud. “ Hey sis can you come home Jacob is badly hurt. He fill off his skateboard and hit his ribs on the slide on the concrete. If he moves it really hurts. He is bleeding really hard. Come home now”. All my cousin and I ran to the room got the keys and went home. I rang 111 and asked for an ambulance . We got home and the ambulance were on there way. As soon as I got inside. My brother Jacob was just lying there shaking. “knock Knock” Jahvaun ran to the door and said come in. They had to curry him in to the van. Jahvaun went with him. We got in the car and went after the van. I stayed home so I can wait for my auntie and cousin to come home. I was really scared because I didn't know what will happen to him!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Incredible Food Tech..

"Yayy” Back to school. The one thing I love about school is Tech. I really want to do Food Tech with Miss Heka. Do you know why I would love to do food Technology? Because last term when we finished Tech, Miss Heka group came out with a mysterious delicious Kai. Last term I was in Science with Mr Duan it was cool and boring. I like it in Science because we did a lot of fun stuff. We learnt how to use a BUN-SON BURNER. Well if you do not know what a Bun-son Burner is, It is what scientist use it heat things up.
What we did with them was the same thing that Scientist do, but we melted Ice in normal water. We toke the temperature. It was awesome in Science.“When we got to Tamaki College it looked we were a heard of cows. Then Miss Heka came out side. She said what group we were going to. Food goes to Wood work! Science heads off to Food! Wood work can go to Science! We were all happy to where we were going too. Ala and I started jumping up and down. I was so Glade! When Miss Heka toke us to our kitchen, we had to know all of the kitchen rules.
1. Be on time. We had to be on time so that we don’t miss out on any think exiting. 2. Bring a pencil or pen. We need a pen so that we can write on our books.Step 1. We had to take our jackets off and wash our hands. AS soon as we had finished washing our hands, we had to put an apron on and get in to a group of there. In my group was Ala,Emily Pesi and I. Next we had to pick who was washing,drying and putting away. I said that I would wash, Ala and Pesi were our dryers and Emily puts our equipment away. Miss Heka operated her projector.When she turned it on there was the Ingredients. 130kg self raising Flour,40kg
Milk,40kg Sugar,50kg Butter and Cheese .You would put the flour and sugar in one of our bowls. Then we mixed it in. Next is my favorite part! We had to get of hands dirty, we had to break up the butter into flour and sugar. As soon as we finished mashing the butter. We have to get a knife and the milk. First you put the milk in to the flour little by little, then get the knife and cut the flour. Then it would turn in to flour dough. What you would do is get a bit of flour and put some on the board! You would pour the dough on to the board, and start rubbing the dough in to the flour. Because at first it would be gluey and sticky. As soon as you had rubbed the flour in to the dough it would be nice and soft. You could make different kinds of shapes out of it. I platted one little pieces of the dough. Then I put cheese on top! As soon as we were finished platting the dough, we put them in a oven!
We got a number. Our groups number was 3. Do you know why we got a number? Because they all went in the oven at the same time. When we had finished putting it in the oven, we had to wash our dishes. I had to get a plug and dish washing liquid. I startled filling up our sink with water. Then I started washing our dishes. Well I was doing that Ala was ready to start drying well Emily was at the back of her. Pesi got a sponge to wipe down our bench. As soon as I was done doing the dishes I headed off to find a broom. “Ahah” finely found one. I walked over to my group, then started to broom! Do you like to sweep the floor? Well I kind of do. We put ever think back were they came form. Broom in the cleaners room. Dish washing liquid and sponge on the trolley. Then back to our group. “OMG” First group to finish. Then Miss Heka yelled out “group 3 group 3” Ala went up and got our tray, but first she got some mitten gloves on. We put our yummy delicious cheese scones in to our paper bags! Suddenly the bell rang and we all walked out nice and quietly out side.
If I had one wish that wish would to go back to Tech right this moment! I loved it in Miss Heka’s class. Because I love to cook, and I all ways cook breakfast for my Aunt Miri.
!Sunny side up! Eggs, bacon with some juice. That is my breakfast.