Friday, December 10, 2010

MTV movie.Long ago

Tyla, Aneisia and I made an MTV movie about when we were little at Pt.England school.
We have some funny photos, and there is a song with it and it is called Long ago.By the Herbs.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This is my Fiafia dance group.

Can you guess what group I was in?
Please leave your answer and comment.

How do Katydids sing?

Do you know what a katydid is?
A Katydid looks like a left, and it is green. But some times if they eat a yellow flower they turn that colour . Did you know that they can sing?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Totara Springs!!!!

In the holidays I went to Totara Springs kids camp. Me and my friends have been waiting a long time for this . We went on Monday the 27Th of September.

As soon as we got there we rushed out of the Robbie bus. That's the bus name . When we got out we run off and started playing games. First we had to get our bags. Then we went to see our room it was big, not that big but it was nice. Were got to pick where we would sleep. So we made our beds. I was sleeping next’s to my best friend Athena.

After that we went to go and play games. The games that we got to pick was out of shooting ,golfing, bikes and .flying fox. They were all fun but I picked shooting at a target. As soon as I went to where we were going to do our shooting. I saw 2 guns and a man called Andrew standing there. I was shocked and happy at the same time. I was the 2ND one there,but first to shot the gun.

As soon as we finished playing our games, we got told that we were going to the pool hydro-slide. We were so happy. Our group ran to our room and got changed. We ran down to the hydro-slide to be first, but as soon as we got there we had to wait for leaders. So we did. 5 minters later. Ya they are coming. Then the gates opened and we ran down the steps. When the water started running we had to wait about 20 or 30 seconds. Everyone waited and waited. Then she said we could go down. It was a lot of fun. Our group was first in but last out.

After the hydro-slide we all raced to our room to get some dry clothes on. When we finished getting changed, our lunch call came out. We put our shoes on and walked over to the dinning room.

Well we all had a fun time at camp. If you ever get a chance to go to Totara Springs go you will have a lot of fun.

Monday, September 20, 2010

In the hoildays!!!!

In the holidays some kids at Pt. England school are going to Totara Springs. Every year Mr Burt Puts a club on for year 4 and up to year 8.In every term he take us on trips and some times he takes us to Browns Island.
The club is called Riverside and it is on Wednesday after school. At the club we play games and when we are tired Mr Brut says we can go and eat. The food we eat are so yummy. We also talk about JESUS and our heavily father GOD. Every terms Mr Brut takes us on a trip. Sometimes he takes us to Browns Island. When we get to Browns Island we have a swim and have a BBQ. But in term 3 he take the year 4 and up to year 8 to camp. The camp we go to is Totara Springs. Last year I went and I had a lot of fun. The only thing i hate is that we have to get up at 7 in the morning because the camp is in Matamata. On our way to Matamata we had to pick up some kids form other schools.
Last year when we left school I was so excited, but then everyone on the bus got sleepy so we fell asleep. By the time we woke up everyone was so loud. Matamata was about 3 more hours away but luckily I brought a book along. The book was called GOING UP WITH A BANG!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cool Kiwis

It’s not that they are all small.The smallest is the little spotted kiwi and it is smaller then a rugby ball.

The biggest kiwi is about 45 cm tall and as big a rugby ball.

Female kiwis are larger then male kiwis.

The biggest kiwi is about 45cm tall. It is about as big as a rugby ball. kiwis are or can grow to a certain size like 45cm of height. But as you must know that the kiwis name is The Great Spotted kiwi.

I suppose people wouldn’t call kiwis bright coloured, they only have brown rough plumage. A kiwi skin is so rough that it is not as smooth as another birds. Other birds have beautiful plumage, but kiwis don’t they only have brown dull plain feathers. The most ridiculous thing is their bill.

Did you know that a kiwi is a flightless bird. Well many people think that kiwis have no wings, but they do, they hide underneath there brown plain plumage.They also have a curved claw at the end of their wing. If a kiwi was ment to fly they will need to have a tail.

Did you know kiwis use their legs for digging their borrows and running away from their preys.kiwis have strong island legs and feet. They can alsoout run a average person.

Female kiwis lay their eggs in the borrows, the father kiwi sits on the eggs for 2 and half months. It takes 3 days for the baby kiwi to hatch, when the baby kiwi comes out it cuddles up to it’s fathers plumage. As soon as the kiwi is about 6 months old it can leave it’s borrow and travels by it’s own.

Most birds can glide through the air kiwis can’t. Some birds have nice coloured feathers, but kiwis don’t. There is even a birds that can swim under ice cold water kiwis can’t do that.

And there you have it. How could you resist a big fat, strong rugby player legged, flightless bird, which is ugly and drab?

If kiwis aren’t cool, then I don’t no what is!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Created By Selina!!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


As I walked in class I was ambushed by Mr Burt, I mean he told us that we had to do cross country in the cold morning. I think it was so no one would bring their sick notes.
Before cross country started my heart was pounding like lighting, when we went outside to sit down in our groups i had butter fies, in my stomach. It was painful. Everyone around me looked so exited and I felt like the odd one out.
When I heard Mr Burt say "11 year old girls and boys please line up at the start line".I was scared, and then I stood up with a scary feeling in my bones.As I had trouble finding a place to stand, my butter fies got bigger and bigger. When Mr Burt said "TAKE YOUR MARKS" my heart pounded harder and harder, then "CLAP".I zoomed off, but then I remember that Miss Garden said to past yourself.
As I went out of school the grounds, the ground felt like slippery soap, but then sluggish gluey gummy mud went all over my uniform. It was so yuck. I saw people behind me so i could not rub it off. Then I saw a teacher in front of me, so I jogged to her and went past some trees. When i reached Miss King I had to stop because I had very horrible cramps in my legs. Miss King said "LEG IT" so I ran as fast as I could.
When I ran in to the school the grounds, I heard my team saying "GO TAINUI GO", and I could see 3 people in front if me. I spurted past them and came in 5th place.,WOW I did better then I thought.
After the race I felt so wasted I just wanted to fall down and sleep. My legs were numb, like if you went to the dentist and they make your lips numb, well like that. When I washed my feet under the cold water my legs felt so much better. I am so proud of myself, because I finished the race!!

All about me!!!

Created By Selina

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baby Shower!

When I found out that I was going to my aunt Libby's baby shower.I flipped out with excitement, just like a monkey.
On Sunday we went to Sylvia Park to get, new gifts for my, cousin that are going to be born.We went to T and T and the baby factory, to get some cute baby things.
We brought a pushchair and baby toys came with it for FREE!It was a bargain.I got a baby bath that, was purple with yellow dots in it. My brother brought a big bed for them, and it was blue with pink beautiful fairy's. Plus we also got a bug net to keep the bugs away from them.What would you get for a baby shower?

After we went shopping we went to my aunty's house, for the baby shower.There were a lot of people there with baby things, the clothes they brought was so lovely,and good looking. All of my cousin eat all of the chocolate on the table, but they had a lot of fun. My big sister put on a lot of fun games for us.The sports were diving for apples, swimming races ,paint my face, and a ran way for dogs.
My sister
asked all of her friends if she was free on Sunday and they said yes.She said if they can help out , could they bring there dogs.
When the games were finished, all the kids had to get inside to open the presents we all brought..The first gift she opened was, from my other aunt.It was a set of drawers.At the end my aunt Libby started to cry.Tears of joy.
After the baby shower treats were opened my aunty's water broke inside her tummy. The ambulance came they took her to the hospital. Now the babies are out they are breathtaking.
If you have not been to a baby shower it is a lot of fun. When a person in your family have a baby shower go to it.It will be lot of fun.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Guess The Compound Word

Today we have just finished our paper Mache . Can you guess what this is? Here are some clues to help you think:
Clue 1.There is a yummy jelly tip cake on the top of the cake!
Clue 2.There is a delicious banana cake in the middle!
Clue 3.There is rich yummy chocolate cake at the bottom of the cake!
Clue 4.There is a nice green saucer!
Clue 5.There is a banana whip cream on the jelly tip!
Clue 6.There are two brown yummy flakes on the whip cream!
Clue 7.There is red ripped cherry on the very top!
Have you guess? If you have, go on to my blog and write a comment.

Selina's umu

In a umu, there are different kinds of foods that go in to the pit. Vegetables like kumara, potatoes and taro are cut up in to chunks, and wrapped up in to coconut leaves.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


This movie is about a mermaid.It is funny and sad movie.

It all starts when to girls meet at the beach and they become best friends.Then one day they see the cutest boy at the beach , but then comes the queen of the beach and she comes to takes him away.She all ways take the boys that other people like just to make them jealous.That night there was a huge storm.It sounded like series of lions roaring, but it was just waves crushing together.The waves that were crushing together made a BIG wave and that wave went towards the pool and landed in the pool.The girls were have a sleep over and they were having a lot of fun, but suddenly the lights turned off, then the door Slade open and they started screaming but luckily it was just grandma.They started to laugh loud.

The next morning they woke up and went down to the pool, there were people cleaning.What a mess said grandad, the girls went to walk around the pool when one of the girls feral in to the pool. Then the cute boy they saw at the beach went in to save her.When she was under the water she saw some thing move and then it came closer and she screamed.,then the boy got her and pulled her up.Then her friend said what was it like, the she said i saw some think.She said we are coming back to night to see what was that.

That night they came back with some sour worms, fish and other things. They put some of the sour worms in the water and then some think grad it.Then the mermaid got the worms and eat them.The mermaid came out of the water and said something and then went under the water and went to them.They had there moth wilded open , the mermaid got one of the girls feet and said i wish that i had feet.What dose it feel like?Then she showed them her tail,one of them said if I can touch it.
The mermaid said yes and she touch then she goes its slimy yep i wash it every day with a jelly fish.Then they had to go and the mermaid went back in the water and the man came out to see what was making all that noise.

Monday, May 10, 2010

My family

This pieces of art work represents my family.The two korus are my mum and dad then the two flowers are my sister and me.The diamonds are my sisters and brothers.When we made these we had a lot of fun and we put all our hard work in to it.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Changing Earth

A long time ago the the countries were in one place. The plates have moved and the countries move with them.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Active Earth

This term we are learning about Active earth.Our school is so excited that we are learning about volcano, earthquakes, tsunami and other things that move the ground.
Our principal,Mr Burt came to school with some things that we will need when a explosion happens.Some things he came to school with are food, tools, shelter, lights, blanket and a knife that cuts the glass.
Do you know what makes a tsunami? I do a earthquakes makes a tsunami.Well when a earthquakes comes the water over laps and tunes in to one huge wave.

What i have leard today is the all volcano are non't the shape of a cone and that nont all volcano are on land because some of them are under water.

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2009 Blog Posts

Last year I posted 6 posts when I was in Mr Palmers class. If you click here you will be able to check them out.