Tuesday, July 31, 2012


“BASKETBALL”  On Thursday the 28th of July , Room 20 and 22 got the opportunity to learn some skills. We had professional come in to our lovely school to teach us some techniques.

We were taught skills like , dribbling, jump stop and many different kinds of passing. Like for example we learnt the , overhead, chest and bounce pass. Have you ever heard of a fake pass ? Well I even learnt how to do one of those , well three of them I should say. I got to say Basketball is smiler to Netball, but better.

Well I got to say our basketball session was ! AWESOME ! I really enjoyed myself and I think I'm planning to try out for our school Basketball team.

P.S : It is always good to try something new. Its never about if its for boys or girls. If you believe, you can do anything. ! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE !

Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Flag

I wonder who the creator of the Olympic flag was? Well Pierre De Coubertin was the original  person to discover the design of the Olympic Rings. It comes in six different colours , blue, black and red for the top 3, yellow and green for the bottom 2 and they appear on a white base layer. While some people believe that he had chosen these main colours, to represent 5 different continents, on the other hand others appear to believe that these colours come together to represent all nations race. I have read that the colours represent all the athlete that compete around the world in the olympic games