Friday, October 28, 2011

Interesting Facts About Our Solar System.

1) Jupiter is the largest plant in the solar system.
2) Saturn has the most rings around it.
3) Mercury is has the fastest revolution around the sun.
4) Mars has the deepest valleys in the solar system.
5) Mercury is the hottest body because, it is the closers to the sun.
6) Earth is mostly covered by water then all of the other planets
7) Venues is closest to Earth and some people call it Earths sisters.
8) Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system.
9) The sun is the hottest.
10) Mars has one more moon then Earth, we only have one moon.
11) The sun provides light for Earth.
12) Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system.
13) Earth is the best place for humans to live.
14) Jupiter has had the longest storm that has lasted for 300 years.
15) Neptune is the most distant planet from the sun.
16) Saturn is the planet that is tilted.

My AMAZING Holiday!!

My holiday was so AMAZING! I really enjoyed it, most times I hate my holidays not this time. If you were with me these holidays, I would make your day INCREDIBLE! My friend's just had a awesome time with me.

My favourite part of my holiday would have to be going to the G.I Parade. I just loved it. I had a lot of fun, enjoyed being with my friends and family. I saw many people in my family, that I have not seen in a long time, because most of my family came down from Optiki. Optiki is my home town.

Soon after I finished talking to my family, I went back to work. If your wondering what is my job it was selling toffee apples. It was so fun, most people didn’t buy any, so I asked my family to. Like my auntie Te-Oa and auntie Miri, Cousin Kokiri, vaia, and my other auntie. As soon as they finished buying some all the toffee apples were all gone. So I had to refill my box.

After we finished selling toffee apples, we went to go watch my cousin perform a cook island dance. It was EXCITED about there hula. It was a huge crowd, so my cousin was absolutely scared. She said to me “ I feel like I'm going to die.” I said “ you’ll be okay.” They walked on to the stage. then all you can hear was a bet. Boom Boom Boom. It sounded so AMAZING. Then the girls started doing there hula. As soon as they finished, there dance, well all left.

If you were there you would of had a INCREDIBLE time, because I know I really did. But I wish I could go back to that same day! I just loved it there, it was so so COOL.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Term 3 Work..
This is some of my work that I have worked. IT is only some because most of my work was deleted. Hope you enjoy my movie. It has some interesting facts to.