Monday, April 19, 2010

Active Earth

This term we are learning about Active earth.Our school is so excited that we are learning about volcano, earthquakes, tsunami and other things that move the ground.
Our principal,Mr Burt came to school with some things that we will need when a explosion happens.Some things he came to school with are food, tools, shelter, lights, blanket and a knife that cuts the glass.
Do you know what makes a tsunami? I do a earthquakes makes a tsunami.Well when a earthquakes comes the water over laps and tunes in to one huge wave.

What i have leard today is the all volcano are non't the shape of a cone and that nont all volcano are on land because some of them are under water.

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  1. What a fantastic introduction to Active Earth Selina. This blog post is not only informative but is also very hot-off-the-press! Good on your for managing such a current post.

  2. Hi Selina

    I really liked how you talked about the tsunami and why the tsunami happend.


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