Wednesday, May 12, 2010


This movie is about a mermaid.It is funny and sad movie.

It all starts when to girls meet at the beach and they become best friends.Then one day they see the cutest boy at the beach , but then comes the queen of the beach and she comes to takes him away.She all ways take the boys that other people like just to make them jealous.That night there was a huge storm.It sounded like series of lions roaring, but it was just waves crushing together.The waves that were crushing together made a BIG wave and that wave went towards the pool and landed in the pool.The girls were have a sleep over and they were having a lot of fun, but suddenly the lights turned off, then the door Slade open and they started screaming but luckily it was just grandma.They started to laugh loud.

The next morning they woke up and went down to the pool, there were people cleaning.What a mess said grandad, the girls went to walk around the pool when one of the girls feral in to the pool. Then the cute boy they saw at the beach went in to save her.When she was under the water she saw some thing move and then it came closer and she screamed.,then the boy got her and pulled her up.Then her friend said what was it like, the she said i saw some think.She said we are coming back to night to see what was that.

That night they came back with some sour worms, fish and other things. They put some of the sour worms in the water and then some think grad it.Then the mermaid got the worms and eat them.The mermaid came out of the water and said something and then went under the water and went to them.They had there moth wilded open , the mermaid got one of the girls feet and said i wish that i had feet.What dose it feel like?Then she showed them her tail,one of them said if I can touch it.
The mermaid said yes and she touch then she goes its slimy yep i wash it every day with a jelly fish.Then they had to go and the mermaid went back in the water and the man came out to see what was making all that noise.

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