Wednesday, September 1, 2010


As I walked in class I was ambushed by Mr Burt, I mean he told us that we had to do cross country in the cold morning. I think it was so no one would bring their sick notes.
Before cross country started my heart was pounding like lighting, when we went outside to sit down in our groups i had butter fies, in my stomach. It was painful. Everyone around me looked so exited and I felt like the odd one out.
When I heard Mr Burt say "11 year old girls and boys please line up at the start line".I was scared, and then I stood up with a scary feeling in my bones.As I had trouble finding a place to stand, my butter fies got bigger and bigger. When Mr Burt said "TAKE YOUR MARKS" my heart pounded harder and harder, then "CLAP".I zoomed off, but then I remember that Miss Garden said to past yourself.
As I went out of school the grounds, the ground felt like slippery soap, but then sluggish gluey gummy mud went all over my uniform. It was so yuck. I saw people behind me so i could not rub it off. Then I saw a teacher in front of me, so I jogged to her and went past some trees. When i reached Miss King I had to stop because I had very horrible cramps in my legs. Miss King said "LEG IT" so I ran as fast as I could.
When I ran in to the school the grounds, I heard my team saying "GO TAINUI GO", and I could see 3 people in front if me. I spurted past them and came in 5th place.,WOW I did better then I thought.
After the race I felt so wasted I just wanted to fall down and sleep. My legs were numb, like if you went to the dentist and they make your lips numb, well like that. When I washed my feet under the cold water my legs felt so much better. I am so proud of myself, because I finished the race!!

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