Friday, December 10, 2010

MTV movie.Long ago

Tyla, Aneisia and I made an MTV movie about when we were little at Pt.England school.
We have some funny photos, and there is a song with it and it is called Long ago.By the Herbs.


  1. Hello, Selina! I am a student at the University of South Alabama in the U.S. I am taking classes to become an English teacher for grades 6-12. You'll be surprised when I tell you my age! I'm 41! So, you can remember me the next time you hear the expression..."You're never too old to learn!" You live in such a beautiful country! I have enjoyed learning more about your awesome school! I've commented on several student blogs. I am so impressed with your teachers and the way you use technology to learn. Your video is a good example of creative learning! I enjoyed the photos and music! Thanks for posting!

  2. hello Selina i like your singing that you Tyla and the other girls were singing keep it you are an good singer at home to keep up the great work

    bye Mele


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