Thursday, May 5, 2011

Incredible Food Tech..

"Yayy” Back to school. The one thing I love about school is Tech. I really want to do Food Tech with Miss Heka. Do you know why I would love to do food Technology? Because last term when we finished Tech, Miss Heka group came out with a mysterious delicious Kai. Last term I was in Science with Mr Duan it was cool and boring. I like it in Science because we did a lot of fun stuff. We learnt how to use a BUN-SON BURNER. Well if you do not know what a Bun-son Burner is, It is what scientist use it heat things up.
What we did with them was the same thing that Scientist do, but we melted Ice in normal water. We toke the temperature. It was awesome in Science.“When we got to Tamaki College it looked we were a heard of cows. Then Miss Heka came out side. She said what group we were going to. Food goes to Wood work! Science heads off to Food! Wood work can go to Science! We were all happy to where we were going too. Ala and I started jumping up and down. I was so Glade! When Miss Heka toke us to our kitchen, we had to know all of the kitchen rules.
1. Be on time. We had to be on time so that we don’t miss out on any think exiting. 2. Bring a pencil or pen. We need a pen so that we can write on our books.Step 1. We had to take our jackets off and wash our hands. AS soon as we had finished washing our hands, we had to put an apron on and get in to a group of there. In my group was Ala,Emily Pesi and I. Next we had to pick who was washing,drying and putting away. I said that I would wash, Ala and Pesi were our dryers and Emily puts our equipment away. Miss Heka operated her projector.When she turned it on there was the Ingredients. 130kg self raising Flour,40kg
Milk,40kg Sugar,50kg Butter and Cheese .You would put the flour and sugar in one of our bowls. Then we mixed it in. Next is my favorite part! We had to get of hands dirty, we had to break up the butter into flour and sugar. As soon as we finished mashing the butter. We have to get a knife and the milk. First you put the milk in to the flour little by little, then get the knife and cut the flour. Then it would turn in to flour dough. What you would do is get a bit of flour and put some on the board! You would pour the dough on to the board, and start rubbing the dough in to the flour. Because at first it would be gluey and sticky. As soon as you had rubbed the flour in to the dough it would be nice and soft. You could make different kinds of shapes out of it. I platted one little pieces of the dough. Then I put cheese on top! As soon as we were finished platting the dough, we put them in a oven!
We got a number. Our groups number was 3. Do you know why we got a number? Because they all went in the oven at the same time. When we had finished putting it in the oven, we had to wash our dishes. I had to get a plug and dish washing liquid. I startled filling up our sink with water. Then I started washing our dishes. Well I was doing that Ala was ready to start drying well Emily was at the back of her. Pesi got a sponge to wipe down our bench. As soon as I was done doing the dishes I headed off to find a broom. “Ahah” finely found one. I walked over to my group, then started to broom! Do you like to sweep the floor? Well I kind of do. We put ever think back were they came form. Broom in the cleaners room. Dish washing liquid and sponge on the trolley. Then back to our group. “OMG” First group to finish. Then Miss Heka yelled out “group 3 group 3” Ala went up and got our tray, but first she got some mitten gloves on. We put our yummy delicious cheese scones in to our paper bags! Suddenly the bell rang and we all walked out nice and quietly out side.
If I had one wish that wish would to go back to Tech right this moment! I loved it in Miss Heka’s class. Because I love to cook, and I all ways cook breakfast for my Aunt Miri.
!Sunny side up! Eggs, bacon with some juice. That is my breakfast.

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