Friday, June 10, 2011

An awesome 5th Birthday..

On Saturday all I could hear were the phones going off. Man I just felt like turning the phone off. But then my cousin Sharmin said Happy Birthday Patrica. Then I got up and run to Patrica and said happy 5th birthday.
My auntie was all ready up and it was only 6.45 in the morning. I asked my aunties “have you even been to sleep”. She said “yes I have i woke up at 6.00 to start making the kia. So I made the kids some breakfast. Eggs on toast. YUMMY! After Breakfast they went to go and watch some television.
I went to wash their dishes. After I did that I turned off the television so that they would clean the house up. So they did.“Sharmin can you clean the shed please” I asked her. “Lita clean up stairs toilet and Angela down stairs toilet”. “They boys can clean the TV room and I will do the washing.” So I got the washing from the bathroom and put it in the wash. I made my bed and the babies beds too. “I have done the bathroom what do I do now” asked Lita. “Your room of course.
After I did the washing I had to help my auntie per-pare the food.First I peeled the potatoes and washed them. Then I cut them and put the potatoes in a pot, then I put them on the oven. Can you guess what I was making? Well I was make potatoes salad. Yummy! The rest of the food was all ready made. So I went to do the BBQ. I cooked the mussels, meat patties and fry-ed onion. they only took half an hour to cook.
As soon all the food was on the table in the shed. I went up stairs to bath the birthday girl.I put her in the shower and she washed her self. So I went to see if the house was nice and clean! OMG it was cleaner in I thought it would be. Then I went looking for them and they were down stairs watching television. I went up to get that girl so she can get out of the shower. She was all ready out and half way get dressed. Then we went down stairs. Most of my family were all ready there. We were just waiting for the rest of them to come.
We had a good time. I took a lot of videos and photos of us eating and dancing. We had a awesome time. I would love to go back to that day and play it all over again.

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