Friday, October 28, 2011

Interesting Facts About Our Solar System.

1) Jupiter is the largest plant in the solar system.
2) Saturn has the most rings around it.
3) Mercury is has the fastest revolution around the sun.
4) Mars has the deepest valleys in the solar system.
5) Mercury is the hottest body because, it is the closers to the sun.
6) Earth is mostly covered by water then all of the other planets
7) Venues is closest to Earth and some people call it Earths sisters.
8) Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system.
9) The sun is the hottest.
10) Mars has one more moon then Earth, we only have one moon.
11) The sun provides light for Earth.
12) Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system.
13) Earth is the best place for humans to live.
14) Jupiter has had the longest storm that has lasted for 300 years.
15) Neptune is the most distant planet from the sun.
16) Saturn is the planet that is tilted.


  1. Wow what cool facts about every single planet, my favorite one is the one about the sun. Man I wish I had the time to write awesome facts about the planets.
    Keep up the good work Selina!

  2. Heey Selina,
    Wow I never knew that a single planet could have a storm that lasted 300 years. I did know that earth was the only planet that earth could live on or is there another planet ?

    Keep up the good work
    Cruz :)

  3. Hi Selina,
    It is cool to see that you know a lot facts about our solar system.Also I liked how you added a bit a lot more detail in your post, anyway keep up the good work.


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