Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Daniella Hulme.

Daniella Hulme is one of the most famous dutch artist! She was born on the 7th October 1979. When is paints she reflects on two cultures, her own Dutch  heritage and her  husband's Samoan heritage. She uses strong bright colours, and pacific island tapa cloths plus carving. In her paintings there are many creative patterns, and she also knows how to  highlight and shade different places in her paintings.
Since some of us were inspired by her art work, we got to use one of her amazing paintings to see what technique, she uses. We got the pleasure to paint her famous painting called the fruit bowl. For this painting we got to learn how to highlighted and shaded our paintings. It was very interesting how she did it, we got to use it on our grapes we had sketched. Her technique were a bit difficult but it our paintings came out amazingly great. I really enjoyed sketching and painting with her technique. Well I reckon you should try it sometime soon, its really fun and your finished project will come out so AMAZING. Just like mine(:

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