Friday, June 1, 2012

Character Description !

The past few days Room 22 at Pt.England School have been studding on how to write a character description. It has been very difficult for some of us, but we were able to write at least one paragraph. But first we had to practise writing a character description on some one special at school, and I picked my amazing teacher Mrs Nua. I wrote a paragraph about her appearance. ( what they look like ). Here is my paragraph about my awesome teacher Mrs Nua.
: Silky short blond hair, up and go attitude amazingly tall. The best thing to describe my beautiful teacher are her big blue eyes when they sparkle in the sunshine.



  1. Wow, Selina what a very beautiful paragraph about your teacher. If I was doing a character description I figured it would be hard too. I agree with you her big blue eyes does sparkle in the sunshine. Sometime this week I will try and make a character description on someone special in our school.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Wow Selina,

    I really liked your writing and yes Mrs Nua is tall. I hope that one day I'll come back and be taller than her.

    Yours, Hainite

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