Monday, September 10, 2012

, Vision Board Review..

; vision board review :L

Looking back towards my vision board, just to see if i have achieved any of my goals ? Well my vision board was pretty
big but, I knew in someway I could accomplish these goals.

Rugby skills . Well I have accomplish this goal, because I put more into this, just so I could achieve it. I have to pushed myself towards my rugby skills, so that we would be
able to, win our rugby games. It was hard for me to training
myself to become come who I am today, because I had to
faith and strength in this , which I didn’t know I had. It was a
pretty powerful moment for me to experience.

Fitness. I haven’t really achieve this goal of mine, because
I have not been training and running lately. I have been
more focused, on rugby training and but at least I still get out there to swim and run around the basin. My goal for fitness was to
become slimmer in my upper body and lower thighs.
But rugby season is almost over and now I will have time to
to train and run to accomplish my goal.

The words to describe me and my journey would have to be;
I had an amazing adventure, trying to achieve my goals,
because while trying to complete them I learnt many
lessons, that I will use to live life. My goals will soon be completed ....

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