Monday, December 12, 2011

Net-Book Reflections..

This year I have really LOVE having a Net book to work on because, it is really easy to get up and take my learning anywhere! I have enjoyed learning on my electronic device because, it is much easier for me to work on. The only thing I have trouble on my Lap-top is to stay on task, because I could go exploring on one site and then another. But I manage to stay on task, that is a MIRACLE to me!! (:

There are many reasons why Net-books are good for kids our age, because we can find out more things online, then in books. We have much more fun on our Net-books then in doing our learning in books. There are many reason way these electronic devices can help us learn more! The most imported thing to me is at least we have fun learning, then it being BORING.

As much as I have loved having a Net-book there are some things that I haven’t liked.... Like having to wait for my Internet connection, it just wasting my learning time. Another Internet problem, sometimes your connection can run slow. It can be really a pain!! But the hardest thing for me is to have my Net-Book in the shop to get repaired, because its like my Lap-top is part of my heart! I feel like I’m gonna die with out it.

If the Net-book Scheme failed..... Then it would change my life and future!! We would have to go back to paper and pen, how GAY. School would be back to normal and will not be fun... I just have one wish to make, and it is that this Net-book Scheme will succeed and going on till, the end of time.


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