Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Badminton! Oh My Life I love Badminton. Well now I do. I thought it was a game for old people, but now that I have got a hang on it. It is one of my favourite games. You may be thing that a gay game well it not.
It all started on the 11Th of August. My class Room 18 were going to have a game of Badminton. We didn’t know that we were going to have a professional come in and teach us. As soon as we found out that a pro badminton player was going to come in and teach us. I said in my head “ Oh no a professional this is going to be so BORING”. First we had to get the hang of holding a racket. It was really weird how we had to hold it. I can’t explain it. But we held it in a funny way!
She blew her whistle. Then she told us to get a shuttle and start hitting it was a rackets. At first I thought this will be easy, but then we I tired doing it, but it just so difficult. So I focused on my shuttle I hit it about 15 time with out stopping. I tyred my best I just could not do it. So I bid it again but this time I was running from one side of the hall to the other. It felt like I just finished running around the whole school 2 times. She blew her whistle again I was so happy she did. I was puffed out like a lion chasing an bird.

Then we got in to a group of 2’s.Cecilia was with me. Then I thought to my self “ I am having fun, But I can’t believe I am” Cecilia and I started hitting the shuttle forwards and back. We had a challenge who can keep hitting the shuttle with out letting it fall on the floor. We did try our best but we only hit it forwards and back 53 times. That was a challenge. A least we tired our best and didn’t give up straight away. It was a lot of fun. But I have ever experience a thing like this. I did struggling a bit. But I had an amazing time.

I wish I could do that again! Maybe I might you ever know. I just want to say that don’t judge the game by the name, because you ever know what it is like. Don’t be me and think things are going to be boring, because it is always good to try new things.

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