Wednesday, August 10, 2011

School! School! School!

This Term has been an awesome term even. But it has only been one week of school.
I wish this term NEVER ends! I just can’t wait to learn more things about other countries.

What I have liked so far was, learning what the real stories be hide most of the flags and learning more about place’s around Auckland. Have you ever heard of a place called Hot water beach? Well I have never heard of that place. Then people have been telling me about what they did there. It sounds like a DREAM. I bet it was. I wish I could go to Hot water beach.

I am really looking forwards to find out more different countries. I am very exited about what we will be learning, but the country that I really what to learn about is South Africa. South Africa sounds like an awesome place to see and help. Most of the countries have some amazing story's. I am really looking forwards to finding interesting facts about New Zealand and other places in the world.

I really hope that I find out more things about South Africa. But what I have learnt so far, has just amazed me. Next time you hear from me I will be writing about my Cross Country.

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