Friday, August 5, 2011

This Term!

This term I started school with a kick! I was so happy school started, because holidays were extremely boring. But spending time with my family was awesome...., I just loved it!!

My goals this term is to focus on my work and finish them off properly! Listen to my teacher and make the right choices, so that I can get higher in all my subject in school. To try hard and learn different things, that I have no idea about. What is really cool is making new friends and get ideas to that I can use in life.

I am looking forwards to finding interesting things about the other 20 country's that are coming to New Zealand, for the rugby world cup! GO ALL BLACKS! The country that I real want to learn more about is South Africa because I am very interested of what they have to say. I love rugby but don’t know much about it.

What I think is really interesting is, that there are story behind all the flags. Because you will never know what the story behind the flags are.
Here one. Search for the Namibia flag then read this. RED- represents Namibia’s most important resource, the people of Namibia.WHITE- refers to peace and hope. GREEN- symbolizes vegetation and agricultural resources. BLUE-represents the clear Namibian sky and the Atlantic Ocean, the country's precious water resources and rain! The yellow sun represents life and energy. Now was int that interesting, because I though it was so amazing! You will never know what the story behind the flags are about.

I hope that I learn more things about other country’s, because if I travel around the world I will all really know things about that country! So my knowledge that I learn will help me in later in my life. But I have a question for you what are you goals and what are you looking forwards to? Please comment and tell me about your self.Thank you for reading this!

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