Friday, September 9, 2011


Oh my gosh!! Rugby World Cup, I really can’t wait. I am so excited. Just wait until I watch it on television. Can you wait??
Well man I just can’t wait to see who Win's in all the matches. But of course the ALL BLACKS are going to win all the matches. I am just so exited!! Night at 8.15 they will win against TONGA. Maybe you don’t believe that the All BLACKSwill win, but I do. But if the All Blacks don’t win, I know that They tired there best.
TONGA. It is a very good to play against. I am Tongan, but I believe in both teams. I wonder who is going to play to tonight? I hope that they put all the good people on. Who is your favourite player? My favourite player is SONNY-BILL WILLIAMS. Plus he plays number 13 which is my favourite number, because that day is my birthday.

I just can’t wait till the game Begin's. Who’s going to win against TONGA & ALL BLACKS. Who do you thing going to win? GO ALL BLACKS..

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  1. Hi Selina it's Silas from room sixteen I just saw how awesome your rugby post is about Tonga VS All Blacks was so I decided to comment on it I hope that write more great posts =)


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