Wednesday, September 28, 2011

X Factor!!!

Do you LOVE the X FACTOR? I know I do. I could not wait till it came on. Because as soon as I saw the adds saying X factor going to be on. I jumped up and down screaming “YA”.

Just watching most people with talent, makes me cry because of there beautiful melody's. Some people voices I just can not desirable!! They are just Magnificent singers. Well I think this years X factor is way better then last years X factor. But if you disagree with well your still wrong.

This year my favourite singers were. Chris Rene, Melanie Amaro and Marcus Canty. They are my favourite because they just doing it just for the money , they are doing it because they have family's to feed and support. There voices hook me in like a piece of writing, it just amazing. Who is your favourite singer or singers, in the X FACTOR??

I just the X Factor, well don’t you. It is an magnificent way to share your talent. All you need is confident and just share what you can do.

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