Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sick In Bed..

Do you hate being sick? I know I do. You may not know this ,but if you are sick or FAKING that you are. It could leave you in a very bad state, or you may even die because you are so sick.
Do you know why I hate being sick? Because when I am sick I get the worst pain, if is not funny! Sometimes I just sit there and cry, because it is just so painful. Only one’s I have missed school for about 4 days at the most, because I was in hospital with kidney stones. It was so scary for me and my family to go though.

Can you guess the only thing I had to eat was?? ICE BLOCKS!! I was thinking “ What they trying to do kill me it was in the middle of WINTER. It felt like I was going to freeze to death. I was so cold I had 4 or 5 blankets on me, but I was still COLD. When My Nana saw me eating the ICE BLOCK, she toke it off me and made me a cup of soup.
Sick is a really bad place to be. Even if it just the flu you still can get really sick. Please if you are are not really sick don’t fake it, it could be really bad. Look after yourself when you are sick. Thanks for reading hoped you enjoyed it.

I am still sick in bed with Kidney Stones.

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  1. Hey Selina,
    That was a very good post about being sick. I'm glad that you don't have Kidney stones anymore, that's a relief! A thing you could work on is checking your spelling and adding more effective vocabulary, Other than that that was a great piece of writing!

    Bye Selina!
    From Selena


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